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Reliable Tips & Tricks

Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

Who washes the washing machine? Well it’s yours so it has to be you, and it needs to be kept in optimal condition for it to work efficiently and last long. Here are some tips: Front-loading washers are prone to odors caused by mildew and detergent build-up. There are commercial cleaners that can be used. […]

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Maintaining Your Dryer

Yes, even with all the breeze in sunny Trinidad & Tobago there are some instances when households do need a dryer, like when living in an apartment building and there is no space or if you have no backyard. Here are some tips if you own one: Lint filter Check and clean the lint filter […]

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Kitchen Appliance Tips

Stoves and Cooktops You can clean any porcelain cooktop with a non-abrasive cleanser. Don’t pour the cleanser directly onto the cooktop, instead, put some cleaner on a soft, damp rag, and then wipe the surface. Remember to clean the hood! Locate your vent hood’s filters and remove them from the vent hood. Fill your sink […]

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